Since its inception in 1974 and its re-organization in 2007, VETO SA has been the exclusive distributor of some of the most successful sports brands that have been distinguished for their identity, style, quality and worldwide presence. Our focus on these characteristics has become part of our philosophy and explains our past success and future potential.Today, Veto SA, is one of the top distributors of well-known brands in Greece, with activities in Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. More than 100 people work on a daily basis in logistics, marketing, sales, finance in order to achieve our common goal: the distribution and support of sports related collections that distinguish themselves for their leadership position in the world for the benefit of the end consumer.


Our distribution consists of a well-designed network of retail stores that includes more than 300 sports stores in Greece and close partners in other countries who share our vision to provide premium services to retailers and end consumers alike.


We are proud for the brand recognition that the brands we represent have achieved and for the high level of the stores that our brands are sold in. We believe that the success our brands have had is a direct result of our concerted efforts. Our goal is to become the first choice of the most successful sports brands in their quest to expand their presence internationally.




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